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Blandy's Wine Lodge

Located in a historical building in the very centre of Funchal, Blandy’s Wine Lodge has been the heart of the family’s wine business for 7 generations, ageing the finest Madeira wines in a traditional canteiro method.

Each room in the Lodge has unique wine ageing potential due to the different temperatures and humidity conditions, resulting in the diverse profiles of wines aged inside the building.

We invite you to join us on our tours, wine tastings and events!
Learn more about Madeira wine and the history of the Blandy Family.
Witness the ageing of canteiro wine.
Enjoy one of the many wine tasting options we offer.


Quinta de São Jorge vineyards

The Quinta de São Jorge is located on the Northeast of the island in the parish of São Jorge, neighbouring Santana. An area celebrated for its diverse agriculture; it is also dotted all over with small plots of vines. MWC replanted the historic vineyard of the Quinta de São Jorge (altitude: 250m) in 2014 – a property that once stretched from the top of the sea cliff all the way up to the Laurissilva forest at the foot of the mountains. The technique used to train the vines here is typical of northside plantations; the pergola or “latada” structure. Historically, the latada allowed space for horticulture in the soil beneath, but this technique will always promote better air circulation which is key in the humid climate of the North. We cultivate 3 noble varietals here: Malvasia de São Jorge (which produces the infamous Malmsey wine), Verdelho and Sercial, on 4,25ha of steep meandering terraces, kept clean and fertilised by a growing tribe of sheep and ducks!


Quinta Santa Luzia vineyards

Quinta de Santa Luzia is a traditional working Quinta that has been in the Blandy family for 7 successive generations.
Located near the centre of Funchal, the vines here are cultivated in trellis form on relatively large terraces. All noble varietals, the primary grape grown here is the Bual followed by the Verdelho and lastly the rarer Terrantez, totalling 0,93ha. Visitors are able to visit this sunny vineyard during the summer months, booking through the Blandy Wine Lodge where they can enjoy a tasting of the wines produced there.
During the Madeira Wine Festival which takes place in early September, we hold a special Moonlight Harvest party in the Quinta, where visitors are served with traditional foods, our accompanying wines, a pair of secateurs and a headtorch!
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